Diploma in Community Health

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Diploma in Community Health

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The Diploma in Community Health course consists of competencies that a person must achieve to enable him/her to effectively discharge community health works and contributes towards meeting health needs and requirements. The units of competency leading to the Diploma in Community Health qualification include the following seven basic, five common and seven core competencies:   BASIC UNITS OF COMPETENCY
  • Demonstrate communication skills
  • Demonstrate numeracy skills
  • Demonstrate digital literacy
  • Demonstrate entrepreneurial skills
  • Demonstrate employability skills
  • Demonstrate environmental literacy
  • Demonstrate occupational safety and health practices
  • Monitor and evaluate community health programmes
  • Apply nutrition in community health
  • Apply epidemiology in community health works
  • Apply Human anatomy and physiology
  • Apply basic microbiology and parasitology
  • Manage community health care
  • Conduct community health research
  • Conduct community health diagnosis and partnerships
  • Conduct community-based health care
  • Manage community health information systems
  • Conduct community health linkages
  • Coordinate community healthy strategies
  • Manage orphans and vulnerable groups

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